Hi I'm Sinéad ("shin-ade" - it's a tricky one)

I am an Irish graphic designer who relocated to New Zealand in 2010... I have absolutely fallen in love with NZ, it is not only a beautiful place but the kiwi people have such a great sense of humour and positive attitude which fits quite well with my quirky, random and bright outlook on things.

Other key things to know about me; I collect little robots, colour code lollies before eating them, I can maintain a converstion speaking purely in movie quotes and can at times be bribed with hot dogs.

I tend to think a little differently which enables me to come up with creative and unique ideas - hence my brand name ‘design unboxed’

I live, eat and breathe design and would love to help you with your next project.

Specialties include:

Packaging, logos, brand development, printed communications, promotional campaigns, flyers, posters, advertisements, making excellent sandwiches and so much more...

Mitzymoo Knits Wanakafest Programme Rockin Parties
Mitzymoo Knits Wanakafest Programme Rockin Parties

email: sinead@designunboxed.co.nz

phone: +6422 657 7020

‘...Sinéad has excellent communication skills and a professional work ethic. Her personality is one mixed with humour and creativity.

Always approachable with new thoughts and ideas, with a great attitude...’

Gerard Sanders
Director at Sherpac

Design: Design Unboxed | Technical Tricky Stuff: Mistyflip


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